Nathan Coppedge. Is in some capacity a Philosopher,
an Artist, an Inventor, and a Poet.

I have had hundreds of interesting ideas over the
years. Sometimes they seem whimpy unless I trace the
root to be a contrapuntal comparison of categories. I
combine categories in a manner similar to a
'paroxysm' or new truth (also defined as a paradoxical
paradox). I approach ideas with a view towards the
immortal. That is, if the ideas are original, that just
means they belong in the library. It doesn't mean that
they merit surprise, or that they are inherently worth
money. But it is my hope that someone pioneering
could make use of all the ideas, and improve the
economy, even if not the ostensible inventor's pocket

Consider also that some of these ideas are responses
to visions, particularly on the subject of dimensionism,
which lay claim to large categories before they find
adequate implementations.



*The Cooper Car (name and body concept).
*Eb Lens sports clothing (name concept).
*Alchemy Club: My survey answer won. (No prize)
*Keys & Kites Tattoos: My survey answer won. (No
*Evolution Tattoos: Answer casually accepted.
*Bobbi's Shop (suggested the name of someone I
*"Glass Cloud" smoke shop (based on the idea that
smokers have a desire for a more serious addiction
and are more likely to quit if someone bothers them
about it.)

*Perpetual Pendulum 1 / "Trillion-Dollar" Discovery:
Was this concept borrowed from a physics teacher
named Edmund Scarpa? And / or is it a working
perpetual motion machine?
*Successful Over-Unity Experiment 1: An object is
proven to be lifted by the same weight it later lifts!
*Successful Perpetual Motion Experiment 2 - 3: It is
now probably possible to return a weight to the same
altitude with momentum!
*Over-Unity Lever 2: A lever lifts one of its two
fulcrums at little cost of altitude. Perhaps over-unity!
*Condensation Tower or Downdraft Energy Tower:
The patent existed in 1975. Then why was it built in
2012? Maybe I brought the design to the attention of
the Israeli engineers.


"Religion is for the gods."

"Originally, there are three religions, and I invented one
of them. They are Asceticism, Epicureanism, and

"Pleasure and pain are not opposites."

"The school is pleasure, but wisdom is the teacher."

"The spiritual life to some extent concerns the
construction and appreciation of artistic and
metaphysical works. It also includes dieting,
avoidance of dangers, and avoidance of
de-harmonizing aspects."

"Much of what we KNOW is false. It arises from
incoherent exceptions. This provides a method of
thought that is initially concealed."

"Redemption is the process of regaining wisdom."


On the morning of April 16, 2016 I found a method to
construct the 'souls' and 'titles' of numerous archaic

The design for a particular projecting sculpture
featured at rest-stops across the U.S.

Hyper-Cubism: over 1000 works produced. 1 sold to a
Mr. Lehr in London.


A poem called "That House" features some of the most
lyrical writing in the English language:

  The quiet song lingered on my tongue
  as though to linger on its quiet song
  as though to sing quietly my lingering
  as though to linger on my quiet, singing
  how silence falls, and everything springs up

In one of my poems I give a rare example of using all
accented syllables in two neighboring lines:

..."And stare ope-mouthed / At those chill jaws"

(from the poem Bohemoth Jargotten).

Rumor is Theodore Roethke, a world-renowned poet,
was not able to do this, even though it was his
preferred technique.


Paroxysm: A solution to all paradoxes, formed of
the opposite of every word in the best
definition of the problem in the same order as
the corresponding original words.
Categorical Deduction: Exclusivity, Polarity, and
Analogy permits coherent knowledge that is         
absolute by one degree, and objective.
In articles called "How to Build a 21-Dimensional
Universe, and "How to Build a 100-
Dimensional Universe", I describe categories
which might be used to reach objective
concepts of higher dimensions and the overall
construction of the universe, or extension of
lower-dimensional constructions into higher-
dimensional ones.


*Digital Marketing Devices
*Virtual Reality Spells
*CatSpur Shoes
*Glass Digital Coins
*Keyword-based Interfaces
*Automatic Interface Design Systems
*Prophetic Advice Using Exclusive Categories
*Dimensional Philosophy Calculator Using Categories
*Found Computers or Found Interface
*(Permanent Technology)
*Re-Usable Street Garbage
*Interface Based on Artistic Styles, with Varying
*'Polloid Projector' (Hyper-Projector)
*Commuter Railway Uisng PMM
*Mobile Buildings Using PMM
*Dynamic City Using PMM
*Perpetual Nano-Tech Based on Macro-Principles
*Exceptional Universe: New Laws Based on PMM
*EVO: the Electric Volitional Oven (Perpetual Oven)
*Perpetual Motion Equations as Virtual Computing
*Graphic Computer Using Categories, Geometry,

images and writing (c) 2013 - 2016 Nathan Coppedge.