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Perpetual Motion Concept Utilizing Tracked Weights and
Ball Bearings on a Fixed Support Structure


Weights: All weights have an equal mass, and are attached by T-
frames to ball bearings or wheels supported by the Rail Structure.

Rail Structure: A structure made of metal or other durable material  
serving as a guide for the (theoretically) cycling weights. It has two
parts, one to either side of the upper and lower T-frame gaps. There
are also two separate zones: one curving, supportive zone for the rising
weights, and one vertical portion for the free-falling ones. A Pipe
Encasement may be used over the rising portion to assure that the
halves are not separated. Gaps would be present in the vertical portion
to allow that energy be extracted from the machine.

T-Frames: Frames attached on opposite ends of each weight,
reducing the effective gravitational resistance on the rising cable by
applying ball bearings or wheels to the Rail Structure. When combined
with the curving ramps, the result is that approximately three fourths
of the ramped weight is supported by durable, fixed elements.

Ball-Bearings or Wheels: Elements attached to the T-frames of each
weight, preferably in pairs, so that at least one rests on each side of the
rail for every T-frame operating. They are designed to reduce friction
and drag while placing the majority of the weight of the rising weights
directly into the fixed Rail Structure.

Cable: A cable with tension strength sufficient to withstand the full
weight of the free-falling buoys—or chain links of equal
strength—allow cumulative pull from the free-falling weights to
contribute to pulling the rising weights up the slope.

Support Structure: Most machines will require a vertical support
structure to maintain the curvature of the Rail Structure, and keep the
vertical portion from tilting.

Curved Rail Perpetual Motion Diagrams
NATHAN COPPEDGE--Perpetual Motion Concepts

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