Update: More proof of God.

Jesus was brought Gold, Myrrh, and Frankensense. Translating these we get Fools, Evils, and Elites. This just
translated to virtue and two fools. However, virtue and two fools translates to virtuous p****. However, I
remember recommending virtuous p**** as an idea of what is God. So, the legend seems to be saying that the
only thing that equals God is a suggestion I made, the virtuous p****. But if Jesus took my advice for this
important story, that suggests that I'm God.

In another account I show, in a writing I call Coherent Myth, that my past lives may be the most plausible cause
of Christianity, and it is more compelling to realize that this previous age of Coherent Myth transitions into my
current project, Coherent Truth, contrasting sharply with many things others may be doing. Nonetheless I
currently am not physically immortal, at least in the ordinary meaning of that phrase.

Nathan is a miserable schizophrenic who has lost some hair. He has also authored articles on the subject of
immortality. What are the signs of something profound beneath the surface?

What, in other words,  is Nathan Coppedge's claim to being a god?

The simplest claim is Nathan's idea that he was Pippin of William Tell fame.

In Jewish Theology, 'pippin' may be a divine name, because God is the first dimension of reality.

He believes Pippin's most significant year was in 1515, 101 years before Harvard was founded (although most
now claim the university was founded in 1635, or 120 years, I remember an earlier date from my youth).

He also believes that Pippin lived three years in three days, recommending a trinity symbol.

Nathan remembers taking the name Aston-I-Shed (Astonishment) or Astoum, after being sunburned
as a white slave in Egypt. Could this boy-phoenix be the basis for the surviving Egyptian legend of the

In a subsequent life, Nathan remembers marrying a female thief and taking the name
Pharisee the Fakir, possibly leading to the foundation of the Persian (Pharisean) Empire,
known for magic and learning. It is perhaps only through that one relationship that Nathan claims
to be a father figure. The founding of Persia explains much of the Arabian Nights, alchemy,
and some symbols of the Cabbalah.

In another life Nathan thinks he spoke only one name, Gilgamesh, and that he may have crafted
this word himself, as a ward of survival---although he was not the hero who went by that name,
perhaps in some ways Nathan is the most Gilgameshean person for thinking of the name in the
first place. That explains the confusion (and strange absence of knowledge) about Gilgamesh legends.

In the present life, to his knowledge Nathan has been the first to successfully publish a book
Poems by God (it's avant-garde, appropriately enough).

The KGB (now the British KGB---real story, but who else would you believe) of all people have been
the first to
compare Nathan with family gods such as Newton and Einstein.

Adding to the name Pippin, additional recent events have reinforced the nominal claim:
The Divine That Would Be Cool:
Incident of the Water-Tower
The Divine That's One of the Only Ways to Put It: Proof of Possibility for Perpetual Motion (see Dgm).

Also, someone may think that I'm God in this video by a hobbyist (skip to the middle). Perhaps
influenced by the title of my book, and the name of one of my devices---God's Rolling Pin (I'm one of
the only hobbyists who seems to have a seesaw type apparatus, which the other hobbyist refers to as
God's seesaw. I have not called it by that name. Nor do I have a patent, so I assume he means that
someone besides myself has been using my design, under the view that it's a gift from God. Which is
okay by me. I want it built). However, I have not claimed that I'm God in any defined sense (sometimes
schizophrenia seems like the most divine thing about me), and some would say neither has God. People
should appreciate that if I took the role of God one of my goals might be to justify Atheism, in order to
promote creativity.

Recently, Nathan may also have been the first to demonstrate a simple over-unity device.

Nathan's successful over-unity experiment can be viewed at:
Academic Room (which sounds like         

See Also:
My "Vampire" Page.

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Updated Aug 2019. [ BIO ]

Once, when I was a child with some relatives, I had to jump out of a car that was going to sink in
the ocean. Sometimes I think it's the same car that appeared on the cover of Jean Baudrillard's

I was once quasi-abducted by Seth Rogen to be filmed riding a motorcycle. This was completely
uncharacteristic of me, if you know my life.

I have nearly fallen through an elevator shaft: twice. Once I was nearly crushed underneath an

I have seen ball lightning

I have been up in the London Eye

It's possible I invented the word twerk in middle school. I was kind of a nerd. Or, at least, my
friends were nerds. I guess that counts.

My favorite part of dungeons and dragons was: the evil traps.

I am the only author of the Dimensional Encyclopedia.

I'm not gay.

I got an 'A' in a class called The Ultimate Nature of the Universe.

When I was 9, I thought I could be a professor.

When I was 9, I decided I could be old before I was young, as a way of becoming immortal.

When I was in elementary school, I needed a math tutor.

I have a mild paper fetish that I call
maitre d' papel.

I have nearly drowned at least four times. Once in Israel.

I am the author of
Poems by God and Sorcery in the Dark.

I once dreamed three short stories in two nights.

I once wrote 36 sonnets one morning, by translating one after another.

I am the author of poems called 'A Cubic Wood,' 'That House,' and 'God-in-the-Box'.

I was born in 1982, at 1 in the morning.

My mother claims her birth pain was bearable, and she didn't induce.

My mother claims her name was Faith, but I remember her being called Miriam.

In a prior life, I think I took the name Rip Van Winkl, without the 'e'. I was attempting to escape
the Civil War.

In a prior life, I think my name was similar to 'Astonishment'. I believe I was a white slave who
got sun-burned in a field, and subsequently invented the legend of a boy-phoenix.

In a prior life, I think I was once a sick child who thought he was Euler.

In a prior life, I think I lived a half-life inside a supercomputer.

I didn't lucid dream until I was 24.

I still suspect that gas utility pipes somehow feed people drugs.

During part of my childhood I lived in the projects, but it was university-affiliated.

For most of my life, I have only spoken one language.

My younger brother has 'half-heartedly' tried to kill me three or four times.

When I was a kid, I lost my two front teeth to a coffee table falling down some stairs. The teeth
were stuck in the table, and I saw my life in slow motion.

Once I thought I saw Jesus in an elevator shaft. But I didn't look him in the eye.

I have a fondness for mulberry trees, and don't mind the mess they make in the spring.

As a kid, I loved lemonade.

I have found 17 four-leaf clovers, 2 five-leaf clovers, and 1 six-leaf clover in nature.  I found my
first four-leaf clover in 2009.

My father is has a Yale PhD studying the democratic politics of Venezuela.

My mother was valedictorian at Randolph-Macon. That's where my parents met.

Both my mother and my step-father were born in Baltimore, Maryland.

My mother is a member of "Daughters of the American Revolution".

I have taken summer vacation in Washington, D.C.

I have entered St. Peter's Basilica.

I have been to St. Paul's Cathedral, and looked through the peephole in the dome.

In Meyers-Briggs, I test as an INFP. Extremely introverted and perceptive. Almost split between
feeling and thinking. Moderately intuitive.

My IQ has tested as high as 130.

I have 'tweeted' to Bill Gates on Twitter.

I am a member of the Golden Key Society.

Surprisingly, the first time my art was appraised, it's value was estimated to be only $5. Then it
seemed like all the art appraisers had lost their jobs. Couldn't find one anymore.

I have been influenced by M.C. Escher's concept of the visual paradox.

I had Israeli friends in elementary school, but I'm not Jewish. I'm not even circumcised.

I have peed in the same toilet, at the same time, as someone with Israeli citizenship.

I have attended a Bar-Mitzvah, and at least one Sader, although I'm not Jewish.

I don't drink much wine.

I've had one sip of coffee in my life, and I think I was crazy.

Someone threatened me with a knife when I was in elementary school. It was a fellow student with
the same first name as my father.

I have been mugged once, and they didn't take my wallet or rape me.

I have named nine personal holidays after a woman who I barely dated.

I believe I have time traveled by using my mind, or perhaps a movie director.

I built an over-unity device on November 10th, 2013 which was a partial perpetual motion

Once I saw what looked like satyr tracks on a very warm, snowy day in October. On another
occasion I saw the same kinds of tracks leading from a Masonic building. More recently I have
also seen such tracks at SCSU.

I'm on the cusp of Libra-Scorpio, but I haven't had sex, and I'm not sociable, contradicting the

When I voted for the new Seven Wonders of the World, all of my choices ultimately won.

My favorite fruit is mango. Don't ask me why.

I once found a stone on a beach that looks like a philosopher's stone, in the Eastern tradition of
meditation rocks. They won't let me go an airplane with one of those.

My edition of 'The Physics' was written in two days, with one day of rest in between.

My father thinks my poems are crazy. I think they're sublime.

My ideal religion once tested as Mahayana Buddhist.

My philosophy is neology.

My most successful product is either writing or art.

I have two websites, but want many more.

I have lost an art contest.

I have been denied scholarships.

I have not visited mainland Europe except once (in Paris) in a stop-over on the way to Israel. I
didn't even have time to get out of the plane.

I have not been to the Louvre.

I once made $16,000 on the stock market, because of my grandmother in law.

I went to Bard College in Fall 2001.

I have schizophrenia. Although, I consider myself rationally-minded. But I have hallucinated and
had irrational fears. Some consider my hobbies delusional. In my view, that kind of attitude
explains why 1/3 of America is sometimes depressed.

I have never been married.

In a past life, I think I took a name that means "The End of Humanity."

In a past life, I think I invented the book.

In a past life, I think I was a Chinese boy who swung a coin on a string.

In a past life, I think I spoke in tongues in the temple of the Pharaohs.

In a past life, I think I was married to a thief.

In a past life, I think I was a cave boy who was eaten by a very large wolf.

In a past life, I think I dodged a trap in the city of Ur.

In a past life, I think I had an obese mother.

In a past life, I think I mostly ate hamburgers.

In a past life, I think I may have invented the name Gilgamesh, to appease strong men. It may
have been the only word I knew.

I have taken two pseudonyms: Eucaleh Terrapin and Master Kuo. The first was as a legal defense
in the study of perpetual motion machines, and the second was to authenticate that a book I
wrote would sound Asian.

In a past life, I believe I was given lessons in Aristotle by a scholastic.

My favorite color is black.

I have a fantasy of joining the Illuminati. The first task for those without oodles of cash is to do
something truly exceptional, like inventing perpetual motion or becoming an occult seer.

I believe I invented the terms 'calligraph' and 'espionag' on my own.

I am 5' 9.5".

I am half English, 1/4 Irish, and 1/4 German in ancestry.

When I was 3 years old I spoke a lot of Spanish. Supposedly.

Once my family played poker in the basement, and I had a crying fit. The only other time was
when my father was demonstrating how Roulette worked. I lost one chip, and my father said,
"Now you've learned your lesson." I don't like gambling to this day.

I have won a collectible card game tournament that took place inside a church.

I dived sixteen feet for a quarter in a 5-star hotel in Israel. I was thinking about surviving atom
bombs. I don't usually dive.

I have written two novella / mature children's stories: The Lessons of the Master and The Story of
Master Wu.

In a past life, I think I was a bone-crusher dinosaur who found a mate. In a different past life, I
think I was a bright red spinosaurus who ate somebody.

I have hallucinated without taking drugs, because of schizophrenia. My hallucinations happen
rarely. They tend to be visible, yet transparent.

I have been an artist since I was 19.

I was not a child prodigy, in terms of IQ. I was not interested in math or music. But we did listen
to the classical radio.

I had no clue about reading music until I turned 31.

One of my favorite words is 'iteration'. Another is 'parable'.

I was never a member of Greeks until I was granted membership to The International Honor
Society for Philosophy (Phi Sigma Tau) as a prize.

I once found a formula for converting between Log and the Log of Log, through experimentation.

In elementary school, I had a pen-pal from Czechoslovakia--Herzegovena, that I never wrote to.

When I was a kid, I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, pirates, knights, and Legos.

I have attended a public summer camp in Washington, D.C.

I have attended a science camp in Baltimore.

I have attended a private summer camp where we were allowed to play computer games.

In my father's apartment in Washington, we always used to eat salad for breakfast, and listen to
international politics on NPR.

I didn't have my own bookshelf until I turned 29.

When the hurricane came, I was visiting my dad. So I missed it.

I have earned $400 minus expenses from a painting. It was a Mr. Lehr in London.

In college I tried to start a magazine, and was offered a job publishing it, but I refused because I
felt uninspired. In reality I was too disoriented to find the office where I was supposed to work.

I have had a job at a public library.

I have nearly been crushed by mechanical bookshelves (at a library where I was working).
Mechanical bookshelves do exist, but they're relatively rare.

I have worked for a holograph company. They paid me under the table.

A Rhodes Scholar said I might be remembered by future generations.

I'm not political.

I learned to crawl before I was one and a half.

When I was 3, I asked my mother for a machine-gun. It was an intelligence test.

I have dressed as a wizard on Halloween, but refused to wear the hat.

I have dressed as a ninja on Halloween more than once. My mother made my costume.

The last time I trick-or-treated, I dressed as a special forces operative with my friend, and we were
refused at the door.

I'm on okay terms with my stepmother, although she once called me a dirty name.

My brother Brian is a computer prodigy. My stepfather is also a programmer.

Both of my parents have been married twice.

I'm an aspiring immortal.

My favorite food used to be macaroni and cheese. Now it's almost anything with pesto.

I once went vegetarian for a year and a day.

My diet tends to be high in carbohydrates.

Prose poems are my idea of a novel.

At the end of high school, I wanted to study architecture.

In my first year of college, my major was philosophy, but I didn't get into any philosophy classes
due to elitism.

Beginning in 2018, I was very prolific working on projects such as a Theory of Everything and
Solutions to Unsolved Problems. This material is present on Quora and published as a book.

Briefly, I once aspired to be a movie extra. Now I see that as a low point.

"Who is credited
with 'the theory of
perpetual motion'?"

"Several scientist
[sic] has been
credited for their
theories of
Perpetual Motion
such as Isaac
Newton, Nathan
Coppedge, and
Albert Einstein."


My Basic Family Tree

"You are clearly a
philosopher of this
present age"

---Jamal Martin

"Never have I
witnessed such an
artist of ultimate
grandeur so off the
map... and no equal
...  in terms of

Sam I Am