My first vision occurred as I witnessed dust
descending from a window (what is called the
Tindall effect). As I witnessed the dust
descending, I could imagine that it was
descending upon a plane of something
wonderfully smooth, and this smoothness was
neither convex nor concave--- I could argue
that it was perfectly flat. Yet it was angled in
more than one direction simultaneously. The
angle seemed to meet in the center of the dust
from more than one direction. I could tell that it
was busy doing something, or knowing
something. Yet it was perfectly geometric. The
combination of the dust and the angle seemed
to deflect the connotation that dust was
meaningless, and that angles were certain.
That occurred when I was about two years old.


When I was about nine years old, I witnessed
an occasion in the kitchen, where a man had
visited the house to demonstrate something
he had created. It was a perpetual motion
machine. Later my mother denied that anyone
had visited the house. The design of the
machine, which at the time struck me as rather
ordinary, was a kind of squat tower where
levers were used to lift the bottom of a pile of
marbles. When the marbles were lifted, the top
marbles landed on the levers, which had been
re-activated by the weight of the remaining
stack of marbles. Thus, with sufficient
leverage, the process was termed


Falling asleep in a college library, I had a lucid
visionary dream of a "dimensional man"
suspended in a wall of glass bricks. I thought I
was awake, but the dream depicted a place I
had never seen, a kind of library or oasis made
of clay and glass, and which contained no
books. I imagined that in that place, emotions
took the place of knowledge. But the amalgam,
the dimensional man, was an exception to this.
Based on the amalgam, I later formed an image
of an "aperture" similar to an abstract video
projector, which became incorporated as the
symbol for the Dimensional Encyclopedia. The
first volume was published in 2013.


I had a dream around 2007 that consisted
entirely of a snake moving, whilst biting its tale.
This is a figure similar to the Ouroboros which
has appeared in the dreams of
mathematicians. In this case the symbolism
probably stands for perpetual motion and the
philosophical process of recursion, the
philosophical one being backwards, and the
perpetual one forwards.


Years after the Amalgam dream I had a less
lucid dream that I struggled to remember. The
image in the dream was of a bird-dragon with a
fire-y appearance. But it was made of paper. It
seemed to symbolize immortality, or perhaps
immortal truth. Because it was un-burning
paper I thought it was also impossibly
assembled from pieces that were originally
separate. In my mind, the amalgamation of the
'device' was a symbol of pieces of knowledge
which had been collated and now represented
one unified system. The pieces of the bird also
seemed to represent another kind of device or
machine, the perpetual motion devices that I
thought of around that time. I thought the five
sections of the bird represented a prophecy
that five of my perpetual motion designs would
eventually achieve continuous motion.


In July 2013 I had an extended dream in which
I became God, and witnessed an arc of history
(the implication being that there is a
symmetrical horn for every two millenia). It was
made of bright, colored slats, each
representing a significant historical idea. The
ideas were so significant that they could
occupy 'temporal real estate' in the entire
course of history. The dream also involved sex
with a 'goddess' (it wasn't good sex, but that's
another story. Presumably the sex involved
having a 'brainchild' such as further editions of
my encyclopedia). This is the first dream I had
in which I became God. I've also had flying
dreams and magical dreams involving
not-so-scary witches. Once, when I was nine
years old, I nearly suffocated under my
blanket, and had a vision of The Fates in
concert. That was scary.


I had a dream on June 9th, 2015 that showed
how the life I am living is a book for architects,
and the structure that has been built
throughout history resembles a semen
emerging from an atomic bomb blast (Image at
right). The book had layers in outer space, one
of them being 'nazi'-colored or red, white, and
black. The furthest color I could see was blue
and green, a kind of 'Poseidon' level. However,
the book was for architects, not Nazis.




Nathan Coppedge

Is in some capacity a Philosopher, an
Artist, an Inventor, and a Poet.
images and writing (c) 2013,
2014, 2015 Nathan Coppedge