A black hole is a singularity.

You don't know your wave functions if you don't know that.

A black hole is a hole: an absence of space relative to time.

Heat is a bowshock, the wave of a crescendo.

Waves describe everything in motion, if it is also admitted a wave
can also be a surface.

Quanta describe particles at rest.

The foundational principle is construction and continuation.

But this basic principle is broken by indefinite energy states.

Wave-particle duality is broken by a further principle of the
multiplication of elemental composite properties resulting from
indefinite energy.

Many of the correlated properties concern either waves or
composite properties, such as those observed in material science
and biology.

If there are unique or unusual properties, they tend to emerge
because of an opposition singularity or some of the properties
mentioned above.

Physicists say that an oppositional singularity is not a black hole,
but people don't listen.

In fact, an oppositional singularity is any state involving
sufficiently opposite properties which might create a unique
energy state.

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