There are certain categorical requirements to succeed in business.

You need to be a genius...

Yada yada.

Then they throw on the economics.

You need to eat gold and be an alchemist.

Unfortunately, most people think that's metaphorical.

What's important to remember is: there are certain categories
you need to meet to succeed in business.

Think of it this way: Its pure fate, or you need to bring something
to the table.

Otherwise, all you can do is brush up on your economics.

The point is, business is tough.

All it can teach you is to do something different than what other
people do.

And that makes it challenging.

I'm not going to lie to you. Most people fail business, not just in
college, but in life.

And that is because there are particular requirements for
succeeding in business.

Basically, you need to be a genius.

Basically, you need to eat gold or be an alchemist.

Or both.

Its not easy. The pressure is on to do your unique thing.

And a little knowledge of economics is also important.

Economics is like the philosophy of business.

And, I'll tell you, investing is not the only way.

Investing is a very hard way to make money.

Most people don't invest on the Stock Market, they invest in
physical property they know they can exchange for bottom dollar.

If you have a lot of money, investing is the thing to do.

If you have a little money, you're not going to spend it all on
stocks. Winning in that case might be 50/50 because you have
nothing to go back on.

You need to be, live, act conservatively unless you really are a
genius. Unless you really are that Wall Street guy who shits gold.

Its time to be realistic.

Its time to make good on your investment---whatever it is.

Because you know when its business---its got to be serious


"Business is going crazy"...

"We're going crazzzy!!!!"

Whatever we do to business will be our motto.

Now, realize---!

I'm being kind of optimistic here....

Maybe you get a funny feeling....

Because business does not always pay top dollar....

A lot of businesses don't pay at all....

They go BANKRUPT....

So, I'm being optimistic here....

You can afford to be optimistic at first....

You can afford to be optimistic before your money's on the line....

You can afford to be optimistic if you're not a monkey....

We'll get to that next time.


Now we'll teach you not to be a monkey.

I don't care about what you've heard about getting a job in China.

What I'll teach you is, don't do as the monkeys do!

I'll tell you who the monkeys are: its almost everybody.

Not being a monkey though, isn't just brains.

Its avoiding monkey-like behaviors.

Avoiding the kinds of mistakes that ordinary people make.

I'll tell you that there are several types of people.

Some people do great, but occasionally get into rear-end

Some people are getting in rear-end collisions all the time.

No matter who you are, we don't want you to be the type of
person that gets into rear-end collisions.

It doesn't matter at this point if you do well.

Basic wisdom---you may call me a wise ass--- is don't do things
that make you lose money.

Don't get into rear-end collisions. That's how you lose money.

Now, don't tell me I'm telling you to do the impossible.

Just accept it.

If you get into rear-end collisions you lose money.

If you act like a frikkin' monkey in any way you lose money.

So, that's my advice. And it is: don't act like a monkey.

Pretty basic.