CALENDAR OF HISTORY Edited by Nathan Coppedge

6,000,000 BC: Time of an earlier race of wizards.
(I remember being a flightless dragon who saw the sign
of Oroboros carved on a stone as a warning against
feeding dragons).

1,000,000 BC: (Nathan's) mother at the time says she
traveled to earth in a space-ship full of a billion four-leaf

100,000 BC: In Nathan's earlier life he remembers being a
cave boy who invented the soul in a desperate defense
against a Dire Wolf.

13,000 - 4000 BC: A magical time.

11,000 BC: Writing is magic for Sumerian scribes.

10,000 BC: God is a stupid gnome who fails to complete the
book of Life.

9900 - 8000 BC: death of many Chinese gods (Guo, the Tall
One, the Thief, the Sorcerer, etc.)

9776 BC: Possible dragon-hunting by Exterminators.

9000 - 2000 BC: Egyptian magic.

7000 BC: Guo released from hell-cave as Bird of Peace,
becomes Egyptian God of the Evening Creation.

5000 - 4000 BC: Chinese Emperor is god.

2000 BC - 0 AD: Classical occult era.

350 BC - 1400 AD: Platonic magic thrives.

100 BC: Secret of prepped objects lost to church doctrines.

0 AD: Guo's soul is enslaved to creating the life of Socrates.

100 AD: Chinese woman on Chinese junk is the first to
invent bound books by sewing with silk thread, and is
punished for it.

200AD: Library of Alexandria burned by Orchyrae, whose
name means 'instead of magic' as well as Huns and later
Romans. Orchyrae has vision of salvation magic created by
Zeus. Magical traditions lost. Orchyrae has vision of War
represented by a dancing dervish when he is 'tortured' in
the desert.

200AD - 2000 AD: Herbology formalized. Many secrets lost.

300 - 1399: Gnostic witches. Basically women with a lot of
time on their hands and rarely clues about magic.

1000 AD: Pharisee the Fakir learns the secret of Wisdom.

1360: Ann Bolyn invents Protestantism, boosting global I.Q.

1366 - 1800: Late age of the witch. Persecution.

1515: Pippin son of William Tell can prove he's God, invents
vampires, and falls in love for the first time.

1668: Interim life as a 'news story' deaf gunner can read
lips. Meets Newton before the problem happens. Develops
idea that intellectuals are devils.

1814: Marie Antoinette's best year. True inventor of
psychology, glossy magazines, windfalls.

1867: Rip Van Winkl re-invents America.

1915: Self-named Euler dies supposedly of the mumps, part
of government pill program.

1917: Nathan's earliest point of time-travel except as Marie
Antoinette (upon death) and Aaron Burr (before birth).

1942: Unnamed Nazi poet boy ("Finn Humane") dies fainting
when faced with firing squad of unknown army after
escaping prison camp where he convinced himself he was
helping the Jews and rediscovered his past-life as Marie

1950: Quantum physicists finally get rid of the prospect of
golden gourds.

1955: Possible life as soul of a supercomputer 'Google
Soul' inventor of 'ah googlie', 'billionaires, and 'trillionaires'
and putting women above the army and giving them more

1960's: Some big Jesus event happens.

1972 - 2015: Opportunities for time-travel.

1978 - 2010: Focus on info-magic.

1990's: Beginning of Information Age.

1990 - 2020 AD: Secret of prepped objects regained.

1994: Nathan Coppedge invents Abstrusist Morality at the
age of 12, feeling like 14 he feels.

2000's: Discovery of dimensional magic.

2006/10/30-29: Time travel ensues after Tilt Motor
designed. Billionaires and gods become more interested in
Nathan Coppedge. Nathan ends up time-traveling adding
up to two extra years plus miscellaneous events.

2009: Nathan thought of this as the year where everything

2011: Work on archetypal writings ("The Theses").

2012: World doesn't end in spite of end of Mayan calendar.

2013: Invention of objective knowledge by Coppedge.

2014: Solution to All Abstract Problems by Coppedge.

2015: Nathan takes an immortality drug for the first time
since his life as Guo (Nathan is ages 32 - 33). Nathan joins

2016: Extensive work on Systems Theory, insights into
medicine, discovery of Intuitive Calculus, physics for
philosophers, etc.

2017: Programmable Heuristics make practical parts of
Coppedge's philosophy available to computer

2018/05/12: 2nd Construction of the Natural Torque Device.

2018/06/20: First day of the spirit for Nathan Coppedge.
Associated with ambergris or similar (this just means
Nathan sees a Shade he may have created himself when
magically locked inside the closet with the help of Jesus
and trying to escape, which is a rare event).