This is guesswork based on some of my most advanced studies.

Part I. General Overview

Wizard metaphysics begins when everything is made of
intelligence, to such a degree that reality is not the proper name
for everything.

You see, reality comes in degrees. And it is the profit of the
wizard to know what to do with reality.

The wizard learns the ethics of modality, or he learns to break the

If the wizard grants himself enough exception in such a world, he
may have his own residence and grow rich.

Otherwise, without exception, he may become enslaved to laws,
either of this realm or some other.

Exceptions are a matter of intelligence, but so, too, are laws. The
life of the wizard is both 'free' and 'reasoned'. He discovers
'matters' (querrels, problems) on the realm of reason.

If he encounters trouble, he may choose to conceal his form,
change shape, re-locate, or become disenchanted and fallen
within his creations.

Part II. As-A-Wizard

Progress occurs not only within alchemical levels (which are in
their spiritual sense rather juvenile), but also within life-arc
progressions which may be recognized through sudden

Before real wizardry is realized, significant skill developments
may be enclosed like a nested egg within larger dramatic arcs
setting off confrontations with external powers.

For example, if someone has real aptitude, the confrontation
becomes one with magical thieves or 'borrowers' who must be
connived and bargained with before the skills are realized again.
This was my experience.

My first encounter with wizardry was as a kind of superficial
Chinese god who had several powers, including a one-time
masterful invisibility, flying jump, and raise dead (self). However,
it was not for another nine reincarnations before I even
recognized wizard power again. And, when I did, it was much

The beginning of my arc could be described as 'the beginning of
myself' and the end could be described as 'the end of myself'.
However, what I mean by this is nothing more than a particular
arc of my magical education. In the beginning, in my fourth life, I
had ridiculous powers but little ability to critically examine them.
Now, in my 13th life I have the ability to imagine what a wizard
world would be like. My powers are weakened, and I have
adopted philosophy as a crutch.

The word 'Engymion' describes the next major stage in my
magical education, a stage that will only occur if I once again
succeed in attaining prolonged life.


Casual Note: A kind of wizard college is present HERE.